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My name is Ada Vernon. I have been a Clyde Resident for a total of 25 yrs. My grandparents lived here and I have raised my family here. I am no stranger to Clyde and our needs. I began my real estate career in 2009 as a residential/commercial agent for Dalzell Realtors then moved to Keller Williams in 2012. I am an independent agent for Arnold-Realtors now, a full service real estate company. I specialize in the Big Country working with buyers and sellers to meet their Real Estate needs.  I attended Kaplan University and Southwest Real Estate College. I am involved in several local organizations in addition to serving as President for Clyde Chamber of Commerce since 2016, Secretary for Clyde Economic  Development Committee, President of the Shalimar Girls,  founder and President of the Clean Up Clyde Committee and founder and secretary of Clyde Cemetery Board.  I became a member of the Clyde Chamber of Commerce in 2013 serving as a Board Member. I joined the Chamber because I love to be involved and I have a vision to help make our town a greater place to live and raise families. I love seeing the process and growth of Clyde and wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to be able to educate my clients who are wanting to move here what our plans are in improving the appearances of Clyde and what Clyde has to offer. Being involved is helping me to do so.